12 Proven SEO Tips That Gets Traffic To WordPress Websites

Rank Higher In The Google Search Engine With These Proven Step-By-Step White Hat SEO Techniques [ Beginner Friendly ]

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12 Proven SEO Tips That Gets Traffic To WordPress Websites

Free Courses : 12 Proven SEO Tips That Gets Traffic To WordPress Websites

*********** Search Engine Optimization Course Designed For The Beginner Level ***********

In This Beginner's Guide To SEO 2020 Course - We Will Teach You How To Optimize Your Blog and Website With White Hat Techniques For Search Engines.

Did you know that SEO is the best way to get traffic to your blog?

I designed this class for the complete beginner and will walk you through practical steps on how you can optimize your blog or website for the google search engine.

In This Search Engine Optimization Course You Will Learn:

  • How To Install your SEO Plugin

  • What Is A Keyword

  • How To Do Proper Keyword Research

  • How To Optimize Your Blog Title

  • How To Optimize Your Meta Title

  • How To Optimize Your Meta Description

  • How To Add A Social Image

  • How To Add Embed Tube Video

  • How To Add Your Targeted Keyword To Your Social Meta Title

  • How To Add Your Targeted Keyword In Your Social Meta Description

  • Keyword within first Paragraph

  • Keyword in Image Alt Tag

  • Keyword in Image Alt Title

  • How To Add An External Link to High Authority Source

  • How To Add An Internal Link to a Page or Post on your Site

You Also Get Free Access To:

? 1 Free Website

? Free Access To Our Online Business Community of over 2 Million Members

? 10 Free Step-by-Step Videos For Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

? Free Keyword Research Tool - 30 Free Searches

If you practice the steps that I will show you in this course, you will be a step ahead of your competition and many others that are building websites.

I learned these steps from the online business community, Wealthy Affiliate, where you can also get FREE Membership. These are some quick and easy steps that you can do, even if you are not an SEO expert.

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