15 Losing roulette systems' ideas

15 Losing roulette systems' ideas

Udemy Coupon : 15 Losing roulette systems' ideas

Statistical research shows that only small group of roulette players is able to achieve profit in the long-term perspective. As the modern and information age are our daily business, many roulette players are focusing on online roulette and try to apply systems.

Simply put, competition with online roulette random number generator requires full and complete set of rules including statistical and probability research. This course aims to provide you the overview which roulette systems ideas might not work base on my own experience and research.

Learn and Master 15 losing roulette systems ideasin this Comprehensive Course.

  • Betting on 1 number
  • Betting on 1 or 2 dozens
  • FASTroulette system
  • Tercius system
  • Betting on Fibonacci numbers
  • Possible HOPE for serious roulette players

Contents and Overview

In 18 lectures, this course covers major losing roulette systems ideas or systems.

Students will also learn the reasons why the ideas might not work.

Upon completion students will be able to understand which roulette systems they shouldn't play live.

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