30 Day Blog Transformation Challenge

30 Actionable Lessons �All Geared To Have You Taking A Much Smarter � And More Strategic � Approach To YOUR Blogging

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30 Day Blog Transformation Challenge

Free Courses : 30 Day Blog Transformation Challenge

The Blog Transformation Challenge is a 30-day training program which will show you how to transform your blog into a well-tuned marketing powerhouse.

This isn't a how to make money with your blog" training program. This IS, however, a program to help you TRANSFORM your blog by perfecting your writing, optimizing your design, and learning how to optimize the marketing funnel from your blog.

The course is laid out in daily bite-sized lessons, averaging just a few minutes each. Each video will cover a new aspect of your blog and show you how to optimize it for maximum effectiveness. You can do the course on a daily basis, or you can speed through it. It is completely up to you.

Originally presented by the Blog Marketing Academy, but now available on Udemy.

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