5 Must Have Content Pages for Small Business Websites

Guided tutorial with downloadable resources to guide you step-by-step in creating key content!

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5 Must Have Content Pages for Small Business Websites

Free Courses : 5 Must Have Content Pages for Small Business Websites

5 Must Have Content Pages for Small Businesses is a guided video tutorial with downloadable resources and templates. This course is perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses and focuses on creating the five content pages you need to market and promote your business successfully.

Together we will develop:

  • About Me Page Content
  • Services Page Content
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Press Release
  • Site Visitor Welcome Email Content

The course is a series of video tutorials that work side-by-side with the downloadable resources. This is a quick course for entrepreneurs anxious to create good content and get their business ready to market.

If you are struggling with writing copy to showcase your business and skill set, this is the course for you. Short, simple and to the point, you can process the information in the course and put it to work for you within hours.

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