5 Tools to Maximize Leasing Properties

5 Tools to Maximize Leasing Properties

Free Courses : 5 Tools to Maximize Leasing Properties

This is aMini Course taken from my full course Effectively Lease Commercial Real Estate Properties.

What if I told you that Ican take out the guess work in understanding leasing commercial real estate properties?Leasing has been thought of as this unknown and mysterious topic, even among seasoned real estate professionals.Well Iam here to change all that!

This course is all about leasing commercial real estate property types from start to finish. From the perspectives of the agent, tenant, and landlord, this course provides a practical analysis of the important issues involved with leasing commercial real estate.

The 5 Tools Include:

1. ABCs of Commercial Real Estate -Overview of CommercialProperty Types

2. Establishing Your Market Strategy -Secrets to Finding Properties

3. Making and Submitting the Offer - The Process andLetter of Intent (LOI)

4. Negotiating the Lease - Tools to be Successful

5. Getting Paid - Residential v. Commercial Commissions

Don't wait until after the lease is signed.

Come join me today and enroll!

And remember, this is an introductory course. Please be sure to visit Effectively Lease Commercial RealEstate for a more detailed experience.

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