A Whimsical Bird!

Learn to sculpt a whimsical bird with air dry clay. No experience necessary!

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A Whimsical Bird!

Free Courses : A Whimsical Bird!

A Whimsical Bird is the first in a series of courses where you learn how to sculpt with air dry clay. Sculpting a whimsical bird is the perfect way to learn how to use air-dry clay. You don't have to worry about getting it perfect, it's whimsical! Who cares?

In this course, you will learn how to sculpt a whimsical bird. We will cover:

1) the basic tools needed

2) forming a simple armature for your sculpture

3) adding air dry clay to your armature

4) smoothing your sculpture

5) adding a base and sanding your sculpture

6) painting and embellishing your sculpture

I have over ten years experience sculpting with air-dry clays making anything from a life-sized Scooby Doo to miniature mermaids and art dolls and I am a member of the Creative Paperclay Design Team. My clay of choice for this course is Creative Paperclay simply because it is my favorite clay to work with. However, this course is no way affiliated with Creative Paperclay Company.

I have uploaded the PDF of the supply list and a template you can print and use to help you shape the armature for your bird. The template is letter-sized.

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