Abdominal X-ray Interpretation

Abdominal X-ray Interpretation

Free Courses : Abdominal X-ray Interpretation

Hi everyone, welcome to my video tutorial series on abdominal x-rays. My name is Harry and I'm a junior doctor from the UK. As a medical student, I used to dread abdominal x-rays coming up in OSCEs or being asked to interpret them on the ward. However, once I learnt a structured and easy to remember approach that allowed me to interpret any abdominal x-ray I felt a lot more confident with it.

This series is aimed at teaching you the same approach so that you feel confident interpreting abdominal x-rays. This course is designed for medical students to help you with exam and OSCE questions on abdominal x-rays. It will also be useful for interpreting them on the wards as a medical student and a junior doctor.

In this series we will learn:

- Abdominal x-ray basics, including how they work, their uses and limitations.

- Anatomy that is sometimes visible on abdominal x-rays, and we will discuss why it's often difficult to see this.

- How to interpret any abdominal x-ray, using the CBBC approach.

- 10 interesting cases that will allow you practice your interpretation skills and also pick up a bit of clinical medicine knowledge.

Please enjoy these videos. If you can, I'd really appreciate it if you could leave a rating and some feedback for me. It helps me out more than you might realize. It also helps me to continue making educational content for medical students. Thanks!

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