Adobe Muse - Full Website Tutorials From Start To Finish

Adobe Muse - Full Website Tutorials From Start To Finish

Free Courses : Adobe Muse - Full Website Tutorials From Start To Finish

Have you every wanted to build completely custom professional websites, but have limited or even ZERO knowledge of HTML and CSS? I have put this course together to show you exactly how to do that with Adobe Muse. I am a Graphic Designer at heart and have never been a true website coder and I have designed over 50 websites in the last few years with this program.

With Adobe Muse you can:

  • Design websites with limited or even no coding knowledge.
  • Have the design freedom as you would when designing any print advertisement.
  • Make a lot of money designing websites quick, easily and most-importantly, web-browser friendly.



  • Initial course package includes these three websites below.
  • Completely New Website Designs Added Over Time.
  • DOWNLOADABLE Adobe Muse file of entire website template to follow along with.


In each website design, I will be constantly going over these core things.

Setting Up Your Layout:

  • Learn how to set up different layouts (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Customizing your workspace.

Building Your Website:

  • Pulling in your design.
  • Adding pages and masters.
  • Setting up headers and footers.
  • Linking options.
  • Slideshows and menus.
  • Css styling and much, much more!

Testing & going LIVE with your website:

  • How to preview in a "test folder" for your client.
  • Making sure everything links and navigates correct.
  • Adding your FTP information.
  • Changes to an already published website.
  • In-browser editing capabilities.
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