Adobe XD Master Soft UI Design and Auto-Animate

Designing Smart Home Mobile Application with Washing Machine Prototyping Animation

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Adobe XD Master Soft UI Design and Auto-Animate

Free Courses : Adobe XD Master Soft UI Design and Auto-Animate

In this course You will learn how to create the different soft Ui for light mode Application with all kind of shadows , tips and tricks for best soft ui design for dark mode and also animationg the washing maching with sound effects

What You will learn Step by Steps:

  • How to Create Soft UI or Neumorphism in Adobe XD

  • All different types of soft ui

  • Add Color to Soft Ui shadows and inner shadows

  • Creative way of Designing an Application

  • Creative Sign in fingerprint design and prototyping animation

  • Create Component

  • Component Animation

  • Adding Sound Effects

  • Creating Countdown Timer Animation

  • Design and Animating A Washing machine

  • Lots of tips and tricks to design and Animate faster in Adobe XD

Can you believe that with the help of just these small shapes we are going to create the entire application just by using the these 2 squares we start by designing the sign in page, then will learn the best way of animating your design .

Then we design the home page and start animating the icons, u will learn how to create componets for better animation , how to add sound effects and a lot of cool tricks, finally we start designing our washing machine page, createing water and bubbles for belivable animation, adding timer, final prototyping, and adding the sign in and sign up bottons.

even if you are a total beginner you can still follow along because I start from the basic to make sure you really understand the design and process I have also provided a project for you guys. so make sure finish your project and send it back to me for more feedback .

by the way if you have no idea where to start or what is the path to become a professional user experience designer watch my 13 hours User Experience interface design case study for beginners. Alright I Am so excited to show you this beautiful smart home application design and prototyping animations, alright lets get started.

If you are a beginner Do not worry I will start from Scratch so everyone can follow the steps.

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