Advanced Pitching for Startups - Learn to Win the Pitch

A thoughtful guide to creating bullet-proof investors' presentations to raise funds for your next project or venture

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Advanced Pitching for Startups - Learn to Win the Pitch

Free Courses : Advanced Pitching for Startups - Learn to Win the Pitch


Advanced Pitching for Startups gives you exactly what you need to get prepared and win your next pitch presentation!

The course is designed to ease the pitch preparation with detailed explanations of the overall pitch process, the composition of the deck, each slide and their position in the deck, the pitch flow experience, the DOs and DON'Ts and much more...

To follow along with the course you'll also get a Template Pitch Deck and a Full-Year Access to a Private Discord where you'll be able to practice your pitch presentation skills in front of myself and a network of industry experts that I invite depending on your solution.


  • "The course is full of industry insights which will help you raise your game and improve your win rate"
    Marc D'Souza at StrictlyPlayful

  • "In this course, Alberto conveys years of hands-on experience within his formula to face any pitch."
    Paul Gordon at Coinscrum


Hi, my name is Alberto and I have more than a decade of concept & production expertise in engaging with clients and end-users for both the entertainment and the advertising industry, marrying my passion for strategy with years of field research in user experience and a solid academic background in Psychology.

In the last years, I have delivered 187 pitches with a 42% win rate, raising a total of over 10.6 million British pounds. Advanced Pitching for Startups is my masterpiece because it embeds knowledge and expertise acquired in ten years of successes (and some failures!) in pitching to investors and clients - from tech startups to games, tv-series and advertising stunts.

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