Amazing Automations 1 - Email Signups

Automatically track email signups with Googlesheets, Google Scripts, Zapier, & Mailchimp

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Amazing Automations 1 - Email Signups

Free Courses : Amazing Automations 1 - Email Signups


In this Amazing Automation - the first of the series,Danny Blaker-Head of Data Analysis and MarketingatoneofAustralia'slargestenterprisetechnologyfirmsIcestormDigitalSolutions( -takesyou through automating the process of tracking your Email signupKPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Step-by-step.

In this one-off and invaluablecourse, you'll learn how to:

  1. create live,dynamic and scallable spreadsheetsusing advanced techniques and googlesheets functions.
  2. Write agoogle script that automaticallysends emails based on KPIs being met
  3. Use Zapier to collect email signups via the mailchimp API and push them to a spreadsheet

You'll learn the very same processesand create the very same tools that Danny uses in large firms, as well asstartups.

This is a great opportunity to learn how custommarketing automation works for modern businesses.

Everything you create and learnin this course can beimmediately appliedto your own businesses or projects.

The course is also filled with helpful advice, hints, tips, tricks, to make your google-sheetsworkflow faster and more optimized.

If you're an entrepreneur - fromrunningstartupsto mammoth,scaling corporations-this is a must do course for you, by an expert in the field!

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