Amazon FBA: Research, Find and Source a Profitable Product

Find the perfect product to sell on Amazon!

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Amazon FBA: Research, Find and Source a Profitable Product

Free Courses : Amazon FBA: Research, Find and Source a Profitable Product

Course Description

This Course is for individuals or business partnerslooking to make anpassive income onlineand own a side or full time business that will take them away from theircorporate 9 to 5. The product and store can be run fromanywhere in the world. Now for some this will be a full time business and others just a side hustle project for extra income. Either way this course is for you! It will help you take the first steps towards independents.

The course will take you step-by-step to finding a prodcut to sell on amazon and how to source that product from suppliers.

You will learn how to understand amazon profit calculator, find a product both manually and leveraging software. Sourcing that product from multiple opportunities online and sending the product to the US.

All you will need for this course is a few weeks,the determination to take the action needed to get up and running, aninternet connection, and a few dollars to cover the software tools and startup product.I

This course will be useful to youatany stage in life, whether you are just joining the work-force or in your retired this course is for you.

I am releasing this course with the goal to update it regularly as it grows. I want to make sure that we keep it up to date and the information in here can drive new and successful entrepreneurs!

In this course you will mainly find Videos with a few resources pages and extra material and presentations to follow along with.

If you have never tried amazon, or have in the past and are looking for a new approach or direction take this course!

Eric Lafleche (Trainer, eCommerce Expert andEntrepreneur)

Full details


  • A Computer and the Internet
  • Software Solution

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Finding a product to sell on amazon
  • Finding a supplier to get the product from

Target audience for this course.?

  • Anyone wanting to open a side business
  • Anyone looking to making money online
  • Anyone that is looking to start a business for less then 100 dollars.

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