Apache Solr Training for Beginners

This course provides a wide understanding of Apache Solr and its functionalities to create applications

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Apache Solr Training for Beginners

Free Courses : Apache Solr Training for Beginners

This course has been developed in a manner so that it could cover all the topics that one should master to work very effectively with this technology. This course comprises various demonstrations that have been selected very carefully to meet the expectations of the trainees. We have included all the topics in a single video tutorial to make it precise, efficient, and effective.

Against every topic, there will be a demonstration associated with that which will make it easy for the trainees to grasp the concept and will also help them to get a clear idea of every topic. The examples provided in this course have been selected very carefully so that it could deliver a precise idea by maintaining the simplicity level. The video tutorial is around three hours long and the main focus has been given to practice in this course. In addition to that, the theoretical concepts have also been detailed which could help anyone preparing for the interview for the technology.

The course will start from the unit named Apache Solr Tutorials which is the only unit in this course. All the concepts that we have covered here have been included in this course and you will get to know about various new things in this unit.

At the beginning of this course, you will be getting a brief introduction of what exactly it is and how it can help the businesses in terms of data searching. Once the introduction part is over, you will come across the beginner level concepts that are required to be understood before jumping to learn the medium and higher-level concepts. You will learn how to implement Apache Solr from the very beginning and how it could be configured to work effectively.

Later in the course, you will be working to understand all the advanced level concepts in the course and will also learn how to leverage such concepts to use Solr very effectively. In the last of this unit, you will come across some of the sample questions that are required to master working with this technology.

There will be some of the new concepts in the unit as we have added all the dependent technologies that endorse the working of Apache Solr. All the concepts that we have covered here have been detailed with the help of simple and precise examples that will make it easy for the trainees to dive deep into each concept. Once you complete this course, you will be able to work with Apache Solr to draft solutions for the problems that could be resolved using evolved searching techniques.

You will also be able to deploy this to handle the production data which is something very critical and useful to the organization. The folks who have opted for this course to prepare for the interview will feel ample confidence to appear there

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