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Arduino Crash Course

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This course is created for those who want to learn how to program Arduino taking a straightforward path, which means that, by taking this course you will not struggle a lot to grasp the ideas of how to build Arduino projects.

What needed from you is, to stay focused, do the projects by yourself and try to modify them.

This course will take you from simple projects like making an LED blinking to more advanced ones like Internet Of Things (IoT) projects.

At the end of this crash course, you will have a strong Arduino foundation, and you will be able to start any custom Arduino project you want.

You just need the motivation to learn Arduino.

This course is organized as follows:

Section 01: Introduction

What is Arduino?

What do you need to make Arduino projects?

Arduino Family Boards

Arduino Uno Board

Differences between Arduino Boards

Intro to Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software

Installing IDE Software

IDE Software Window

What can you do with Arduino?

What do you need for this course?

What will be covered in this course?

Section 02: Electronics Foundation

Voltage, Current and Resistance

Resistors and LEDs

Ohm's Law

Introduction to Tinkercad

Section 03: Start Playing with Arduino

Arduino Boards Practical Demonstration

Blinking LED

Play with more LEDs

Make something useful: Traffic Light Signal Project

Section 04: Arduino Programming

Structure of Arduino Sketch (Program)

Variables, Matrices and Constants Declaration

If Statement

Switch Case

For Loop

While Loop

goto structure


Section 05: Displays

Arduino with LCD

Arduino with 7 segments

Arduino with LED matrix

Make something useful: Project

Section 06: Sensors

Light Sensor

Sound Sensor

Motion Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Detecting Rotation using Gyroscope

Humidity Sensor

Water Sensor

Make something useful: Project

Section 07: Motors

Control Servo Motor

Control DC Motor

Control Stepper Motor

Section 08: Arduino Input Devices

Matrix Keypad

Infrared Remote Control

Memory Card Module with Arduino

Reading RFID Tags

Section 09: Wireless Modules

Bluetooth Module with Arduino

GSM module with Arduino

ESP8266 Module with Arduino

NRF24L01 Module with Arduino

So, you want to learn Arduino in a fun, practical and efficient way? Dont wait anymore and start your Arduino journey with this crash course today!

Not only will you get a great Arduino foundation to start any Arduino project with confidence, but you will also:

Become more autonomous and rely less on what you may (or may not) find on the Internet.

Develop engineer-level thinking skills to solve any technical problem.

Learn best practices from the start.

Oh, and you also get a 30 days money-back guarantee by Udemy if youre not fully satisfied

See you in the course!

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