Asynchronous Programming in Javascript - Complete course

Learn asynchronous Programming - Event loops, callbacks, promises, error handling, Asnc Await with real world projects

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Asynchronous Programming in Javascript - Complete course

Free Courses : Asynchronous Programming in Javascript - Complete course

Would you like to take your Javascript knowledge to the next level? Would you like to become a master Javascript programmer by mastering one of the most complex, but very important aspects of web development? Asynchronous programming is real world programming, and if you master it, you'll certainly stand out from your competitors!

Javascript wasn't designed to be an Asynchronous language, but with just the right tweaks, you can make it Asnychronous. 

In the real world, everything doesn't happen one after the other. You might be stuck with a data fetch that takes a couple seconds to execute. You can't make the rest of your code wait for it to finish executing though. Asynchronous code helps you manage everything seamlessly while making sure that the data you're waiting for (in our example) is used in your code ONLY after it has been completely fetched. Sounds like magic, doesn't it? 

But it also sounds too complicated.

Don't worry.

You'll learn every single concept of Asynchronous Javascript with easy to understand over-the-shoulder examples and detailed, but interesting explanations.

You'll learn all about event loops and how Javascript works behind the screen and how it executes Asynchronous code, about callbacks and their drawbacks, how promises replaced them and how Async Await made promises prettier. You'll apply all of these in 3 real world mini-projects as well.

So, if you'd like to delve deep into the exciting world of Asynchronous programming, especially with Javascript as your language of choice, this course is perfect for you.

What will you learn in this course? 

1. By the end of this course, youll have a thorough understanding of how Asynchronous programming works in Javascript.

2. You'll learn the ins and outs of one of the major topics that can land you a job or a promotion

3. Youll know how to apply those concepts in your projects and create clean code that runs faster than your peers.

4. You'll learn all about event loops and how Javascript works behind the screen and how it executes Asynchronous code

5. You'll learn about callbacks and how you've probably been using them in your daily programming already

6. You'll learn about the pros and cons of callbacks, callback hell and why we need a replacement

7. You'll learn about promises, an ES6 update, and how they replaced callbacks

8. You'll learn about handling errors in promises

9. You'll learn about making promises prettier with Async Await, an ES7 update

10. You'll learn about handling errors in async await

11. You'll learn how to apply what you learn in 3 real world mini projects

12. You'll learn one of the most complex topics of programming with easy to understand examples and hands-on explanations

Who is this course for? 

1. Javascript developers who want to take their knowledge to the next level

2. Web developers who'd like to pad their resume and get that promotion they've always wanted.

3. Web developers who'd like to add "Asynchronous programming" to their resume and stand out in your job interviews.

4. Programmers who already know Asynchronous programming but would like to learn how to implement it in Javascript.

5. Fledgling developers who'd like to learn how real world programming works

6. Front end developers who are working with frameworks like Angular, React, Vue or Svelte and would like to apply Asynchronous programming concepts in their projects.

How is this course designed: 

Module 1 : Introduction - In this module, we'll look at the difference between synchronous and Asynchronous programming, how Asynchronous programming works, how Javascript works in the background, what event loops are, how call stacks execute your Javascript code, what Web APIs are and so much more!

Module 2 : Callback functions - In this module, let's delve deeper into Asynchronous Javascript by looking at using callback functions to make your Async codes work seamlessly, but let's also delve deeper into the pros and cons of callbacks and why we need a replacement for it. We'll end the module with a mini-project that demonstrates a real world usage of callbacks and asynchronous code.

Module 3 : Promises - In this module, let's take a detailed look at the ES6 update Promises, why they were needed and how they pretty much replaced calbacks. Let's also look at how we can get their resolutions and errors and display them, creating promise chains, promisification and error handling in promises. We'll end this module by creating the same mini project, but this time with promises and comparing them to callbacks.

Module 4: Async Await - In this module, we'll look at Async Await, an ES7 update, and how they've made promises look pretty. We'll also look at resolving multiple promises at the same time using Async Await and error handling. We'll end this module with a mini project as well.

Each of these modules will create full-fledged lessons that teach a particular Asynchronous JavaScript concept in detail with a lot of real-world over-the-shoulder examples, so you'll have a lot of fun while learning! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in and get started on your journey to becoming an Asynchronous web developer today! 

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