AWS Lambda Complete Serverless Node.JS Course From Scratch

Build REAL SaaS backend App with Serverless Framework, AWS Cloud Computing, Node.js, REST API, Javascript, and MongoDB.

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AWS Lambda Complete Serverless Node.JS Course From Scratch

Free Courses : AWS Lambda Complete Serverless Node.JS Course From Scratch

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If you are not very happy with your income if you spend hours in commute

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  • No required skills

  • The current company can easily find somebody else

  • Not enough knowledge of where to start

  • Not enough companies in your area that have openings for the current version of you

  • Salaries in your industry cannot be higher

  • You dont know how to contact the correct recruiter who will want to recommend you as the right candidate for one of their clients

And what will happen if you wont take action? If you will be doing what you are doing now?

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A few years ago, I was a middle-class young man raised in the mediocre district, looking for his first job.

I had no wealthy parents and no high-level education, but I hardly wanted to have a better future.

Ive heard IT is an excellent industry, and from some time was a huge demand for programmers. Also I actually knew the computers a bit, so the next step was the decision to buy a few books.

Some of them were about HTML & CSS, some about Javascript, and even one about Joomla (now its a dinosaur, but it was trendy technology in these years).

Learning from books written in the academic-style language, organizing the learning process, and doing research about what I should actually learn, was a bit confusing, and wasnt pleasant.

Still, those days werent so many good alternatives with interactive courses, planned, prepared, and guided from A-Z, and I had to use books.

While learning on these and training coding, and Ive got my first paid job, even until I finished the learning process. It was a junior-level one, but it was a massive success for me.

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