AWS System Operations Associate Certification Crash Course

AWS System Operations Associate Certification Crash Course

Free Courses : AWS System Operations Associate Certification Crash Course

The AWS SysOps Admin Associate Certification is a great place to start your adventure with AWS.

In this two-day online course you will get targeted training on the topics covered in Amazons AWS SysOps Administrator exam. This training course is designed to walk you through the topics covered in the exam so you have the knowledge you need to pass the test. The training follows the exam blueprint domains with specific content to maximize chances of achieving certification

The course covers the full objectives for the AWS Certified SysOps Admin -Associate Exam (SAA-002) Course covers services around the following areas.

Section 1 - AWS Certification Overview

Section 2 - AWS Provisioning, Deployments and Resources

Section 3 - AWS Monitoring and Management

Section 4 - AWS Security and Compliance Services

Section 5 - Storage and Data Management

Section 6 - Networking

Section 7- Automation, Optimization and High Availability

Section 8 - Exam Preparation and Closeout

AWS is a significant competitor in the cloud computing world and learning AWS as an IT Professional is critical to your career.

This course was designed for beginners. Course provides downloadable content, demos and whiteboards to advance your learning.

Course requirements or prerequisites?

Someone new to AWS

Someone with under 1 year of cloud experience

Someone looking to get certified in AWS Technologies

What will students learn in your course?

Identify Use Cases for AWS

-Deploy Resources in AWS

Basic Services of AWS such as EC2, S3, Cloud IAM and More

Monitoring and Management or your cloud resources

Certification Options

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