Be More Self Discipline, Willpower, Self-Control, Resilience

Work smarter without forcing yourself, and gain more self discipline, become more resilient, and have more willpower

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Be More Self Discipline, Willpower, Self-Control, Resilience

Free Courses : Be More Self Discipline, Willpower, Self-Control, Resilience

Conquer and reverse compulsive behaviors that damage and undermine all your life's hard work by gaining more discipline and willpower.

Become more resilient to small daily failures, and gain mental fortitude that will make you stronger for the rest of your life.


Great emperors of Rome, philosophers of ancient Greece, great military thinkers, and modern scientists have all wrestled with the question of how we can all improve our lives and the lives of people around us by becoming more disciplined and gaining more willpower.

Over many centuries, they have collectively come up with a number of ideas which I boil down for you in this course, so you don't have to read thousands of pages of textbooks.


When you are more mindful about what you are currently doing, you will make better moment-to-moment decisions, and not give into compulsive behaviors. You can always takes few extra moments and rethink the decision you are about to act on, and reconsider whether your behaviors will aid or damage your overall effort.

The act of being mindful and imagining two possible outcomes is often enough to gain the willpower and self discipline you need to do the right thing.


Compulsive behaviors and rash decisions tend to be quite damaging. They can range from food choices to exercise choices to business decisions to even choices of whether to get angry or not, and how to best handle potentially threatening situations. 


Short-term stress isn't considered bad. It can even be helpful to give us energy and focus to take on immediate challenges. But when stress reaches the point of overwhelm, we tend to fall into coping mechanisms that tend to be undesired behaviors that we aren't as mindful about. In fact, mindfulness itself becomes harder to do because our minds are so consumed with that feeling of overwhelm.


When we decrease the intensity of our immediate stressors, they aren't as likely to cause the feeling of being overwhelmed, and that can make it easier to be more mindful about our discipline, and immediately give us more willpower.


Don't confuse discipline with willpower. Willpower is the process of forcing yourself to do something in the moment. Self discipline refers to your overall handling of a situation from your mindset to your planning to your execution of certain tasks.

For greatest success, combine when you use willpower and when you use self discipline. Sometimes forcing yourself is possible, but often it's not. When forcing yourself to do something out of sheer will isn't possible, you'll be able to employ many tactics to work smarter and not work harder by being intelligent and sophisticated about your self discipline.


The problem with making decisions when tired is similar to the problem of making decisions while feeling overwhelmed. It's just harder to think everything through. It's also harder to find the willpower for self discipline when tired. If you are tired, it's often smarter to just rest instead of forcing yourself to do some next task because you will gain diminishing returns if you are working while being tired.


We'll also discuss the famous Marshmellow test, which tests the discipline and willpower in children. The Marshmellow test has been a strong predictor of later-life and school success. 

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