Become Master of Programming and it Concepts & Fundamentals

Learn Programming in PHP and Mysql, learn the concepts & fundamentals of programming and OOP with advance techniques

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Become Master of Programming and it Concepts & Fundamentals

Free Courses : Become Master of Programming and it Concepts & Fundamentals

This Course is  all about learn Programming and become a worthy Programmer and Start earning money.

It is University level course where we teach Programming and it's concepts and fundamentals with great and deep explanation.

  • We will gonna cover all concept and fundamentals of Programming in Details with proper explanation.

  • We will be using PHP as a programming  language and MySqli for Database, both are pretty popular and easy to use.

  • We will learn PHP and MySqli in complete details, from basic syntax to all the advanced functions and resources in it.

  • We will also cover Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in this course with complete details and proper explanation with examples.

  • After this Course you'll understand how to do Programming and be able to create your programs and projects, you'll have complete knowledge of PHP and MySqli as well as understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) .

  • You will understand each concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and easily be able to apply it in real life projects.

  • You will be able to understand programming concepts and fundamentals and easily be able to apply them in your programming projects.

If you're Interested to become a Professional Programmer and grow in IT field then get into this course without hesitation and you'll gonna love it.

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