Become the Excel Hero with Advanced Excel Tricks for Job

Get Any Excel Job Done at Work Using Excel Ninja Tricks (For All Excel Versions 2003, 2007, 2013, 2016)

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Become the Excel Hero with Advanced Excel Tricks for Job

Free Courses : Become the Excel Hero with Advanced Excel Tricks for Job

Works with any Excel version!
This course contains downloadable xlsx-files attached to every lecture containing the tables, formulas and data shown in the videos!

Learn how to succeed on your job +  get the best jobs possible with these proven Excel Ninja tricks! 

80% of the Excel problems in office are not related to nice graphs or complicated formulas! They are related to summing up numbers from several Excel files and/or poor data quality. And exactly this is covered in this course. 

It's easy to learn. You just need:

  • A handful of highly effective Excel formulas

  • The Excel Ninja mindset

... and you will get your things in order.

Learn how to 

  • Clean up any Excel table, especially in a business context

  • Add missing information into files you received

  • Find differences between two Excel tables very fast

  • Address differences in a structured way

  • Update your numbers using a different file

  • Get information out of another table super fast

  • Find and extinguish inconsistencies in a table

                                      30 day full refund policy + no questions asked!

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