Becoming a Scrum Master - Interview Preparation

Blended HR tips, Technical guidance and Interview questions to ACE Scrum Master Interview

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Becoming a Scrum Master - Interview Preparation

Free Courses : Becoming a Scrum Master - Interview Preparation

What this course contains:

  • Scrum Video Tutorials based on Scrum Guide

  • 45 Multiple choice Practice/Test questions

  • Resume writing and Job search tips

  • Scrum Master Interview Preparation

  • Salary Negotiation Tips

  • 50 Scrum Master Interview Questions

  • 20 HR and Behavioral Questions

Who should take this course:

Recommended for: New or experienced Scrum Masters preparing for interview

What Scrum Topics are covered:

Scrum Definition

Scrum Advantages

Traditional vs Scrum

Scrum Framework

Scrum Team - Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team

Scrum Artifacts - Product backlog, Sprint Backlog, User Stories, Tasks, Features, Epic

Scrum Processes - Planning meeting, daily standups, Review meetings (Demo) , Retrospective meetings

Planning techniques - Poker planning, T-shirt size estimation, Bucketing, Affinity estimation

Retrospective techniques - Good bad smells, sailboat, starfish techniques

Task board - Online and white board examples

Story points - why they are better than Man days

Velocity - how to calculate it

Burndown chart

Common Scrum Team mistakes

Agile Methodology - Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles

Other Agile methodologies - Kanban, ScrumBan, XP, Lean, Feature Driven Development

One week in life of Scrum Master

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