Better TOEFL Writing Techniques for ESL Speakers

Better TOEFL Writing Techniques for ESL Speakers

Udemy Courses : Better TOEFL Writing Techniques for ESL Speakers

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Toefl made easier

The discussion was on point and raises a lot of ideas which are very useful and handy when taking the exam. The presentation was plain, neat and direct, it was able to deliver maximum results within a manageable period of time. The instructors diagram of how you do the brainstorming and the outline makes writing your ideas a lot easier. I would recommend this to my colleagues who would want to take, not only TOEFL but also IELTS, because I know the techniques will also apply. Good job! Hope to hear more test preparation techniques from you Sir.


I achieved everything i wanted to learn. I was engaged in the course 100%. The course material and discussions were very helpful. I loved the professor's teaching technique. It was very calm, laid back and easy to understand and apply.


Better TOEFL Writing Techniques for ESL Speakers

Are you:

  • struggling with the TOEFL Independent Writing Task?
  • confused about the TOEFL Independent Writing Task process?
  • getting low scores when you do the iBT practice tests?
  • worried about missing future opportunities?

Do you:

  • want to get into top US universities?
  • want to learn strategies to help you boost your scores?

Great because it's not enough that your English is good. The TOEFL exam is difficult! It requires you to not only have high-level English but also to know the best techniques for answering each section well.

Better TOEFL Writing Techniques for ESL Speakers will ensure that you have:

  • a good understanding of the task.
  • an excellent knowledge of brainstorming and outlining essays.
  • a first-class understanding of paragraph writing.
  • the ability to write great introductions and conclusions.
  • the confidence to use paragraph and sentence transitions correctly.

Warning: this is not for you if you are only going to watch a couple of videos or if you are not prepared to put the work in. This course is for ESL students who want to succeed in TOEFL and in life.

Remember, there is a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who signs up and finds out that this course is not for them. Not everyone is ready to do this course.

But if you are ready to boost your TOEFL scores and take the first step to a better life, push the 'Take This Course' button, and let's get started. I'll see you on the other side.

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