Blender 3. 0: Satisfying Geometry Nodes Animation

Blender 3. 0: Satisfying Geometry Nodes Animation

Free Courses : Blender 3. 0: Satisfying Geometry Nodes Animation

This course will teach you how to navigate and work with the geometry nodes workspace utilizing the free open-source software Blender!

We will be going through from start to finish how to create this satisfying animation completely procedurally.

You will learn:

  • The Basics of Geometry Nodes

  • Node-based workflows

  • Texturing

  • Lighting and Camera Setup

  • Rendering and compositing

I will walk you through from start to finish the process of creating this satisfying animation inside of Blender, you will learn valuable techniques and workflows to boost your personal productivity within the software and during this course, create an awesome 3D animation for your portfolio!

The course is split into multiple lessons, each lesson will delve deep into the workflows and techniques I have picked up over the years as an instructor and 3D artist. I will be walking you through each step and process in order to create the end product, as well as all of the interfaces, hotkeys, and navigation elements of Blender 3D!

I will be walking you through the Geometry Nodes workspace and discussing the methods used to create parametric inputs for each aspect of the animation. This makes procedural animations possible and is what makes Geometry nodes so powerful!

You will be learning how to set up lighting for the scene we create and how to set up your digital camera as well.

Moving on from that, we will be walking through the compositing and rendering inside of Blender.

I can't wait to teach you this new avenue of Blender 3D and I hope to see you in class!

- Smeaf

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