Blender : 3D Modelling - Every day objects

Blender : 3D Modelling - Every day objects

Free Courses : Blender : 3D Modelling - Every day objects

Welcome to this course 3D modelling everyday objects in blender. 3D modelling is the first process in the creative 3D art pipeline. It sits right next to the concept development phase hence, it has a great significance in the 3D industry.

There are so many learning resources out there that teach you the basics of the software. But here in course, we learn the skill and the correct approach needed along with the software.

We all know, practice makes one perfect, this course aims to provide practice that we require by using simple house hold objects.Creating house hold objects is a great way to practice modelling, because it allows you to observe, touch, feel and study the interaction with light.

This course is split across 3 Progressive levels containing 3 objects in each level making a total of 9 different objects. We start with simple objects starting from a cloth hanger and progress to objects involving more parts. You will be learning the simplest approach to modelling. The exercises found in this lessons will make you a more confident not just with 3D modelling but also in blender. If you are not using blender, you can still follow this course as the methods for modelling are same and can be translated to other software packages.

The techniques that I have included are the ones that I wish I knew when I first started.

At the end of the course, you will know the right approach, and techniques to model any object.

Enroll now and I hope to see you in the class.

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