Blender 3d: New User Modeling Trial

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Blender 3d: New User Modeling Trial

Free Courses : Blender 3d: New User Modeling Trial

Blender 3d is a fascinating program thats taking the world by storm.

Personally, when I first saw Blender, I couldnt believe my eyes. Not to mention, I had no idea this world existed.

This course is primarily for new users to Blender, who want a small project to help them assess 3d/CG modeling and Blender software.

The first way to evaluate any 3d software is to make something. Is it easy? Is it difficult? Do you have to run all over the UI? How many steps does it take to do anything? Most important, can you remember hotkeys and doing things the long way? These are but a several questions to ask yourself.

This course doesnt cover: Modifiers, Addons, the Outliner, the Properties Panel, the Sidebar, the T-Panel, Hotkeys, the Dope Sheet, User Preferences, Workspaces, Texture Painting, Sculpting, Cycles, Eevee, Workbench, Grease Pencil, Compositing, Weight Painting, Keyframes, Armatures, Object mode, Timeline, Graph Editor, Image Editor, Data systems, Links, Libraries, Proxies and Animation.

This introduction tutorial only covers how to make a basic object within Blenders Edit mode and use a few editing tools.

Expect to make an easy and iconic object.

The steps are simple:

- use a circle, cut the circle in half.

- duplicate what you need, delete what you dont need.

- add a mirror modifier.

- you add a Sub-Division surface modifier

- duplicate a particular edge and adjust.

- extruding is required, (extruding is another way of saying extending)

- proportional editing may come into play

- you can use the Boolean operation to block out the front section

- you can use the Array modifier for the tubes, but I didnt

- position the "eye sensors" in place.

- check our model over.

- add color to our models surface and render.

Ground Rules:

1. Instructor's UI is slightly different, pay no mind.

2. Instructor uses Blender keymap 27x.

3. Concerning rules 2-3, in the future, I'll try to keep the UI default. But, that's difficult, giving Blender's flexibility, addons and personal workflow.

4. Do what works best for you.

5. Former stroke victim (preview video does no justice - scripted) speech doesn't sound natural. Despite the speech issue, students will be able to understand everything said in this course.

Your feedback is welcome.

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