Blockchain for Digital Transformation 2021

Comprehensive fundamentals of Blockchain Technology & its Features, Frameworks, Use Cases, NFT, Ethereum, Hyperledger

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Blockchain for Digital Transformation 2021

Free Courses : Blockchain for Digital Transformation 2021

Blockchain for Digital Transformation course is designed with inputs from experts to give you a clear fundamental understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger technology with a balanced view of all blockchain frameworks. Course is structured to uncover the technology using multiple layers which provides a solid foundation in a easy to understand method with analogies , examples and use cases. Any one completing this course will have a clear understanding of the technology and its impacts and will be ready for any future transformations involving blockchain.

This course is inspired from practical experience of using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for different use cases both in public and permissioned settings. Care has been taken not to overly use technical jargons which can be ambiguous and harm the understanding of the technology and its full potential.

In a step by step process, you will understand the key features which is common to all different frameworks and how it helps in building innovative solutions. You will see how some of the popular frameworks implement these features, certain capabilities specific to each frameworks, future plans for some of these frameworks, which will help in choosing the right framework in your transformation projects.

Understanding the technology is useful only if you can implement it in a productive manner. The course also covers the different tools and resources, user and standard groups which are important for accelerating the roadmap from vision to reality. It includes a proof of concept project and steps required to bring an idea into reality.

Whether you are from a technology or business background, you can enjoy this course which can be a solid foundation on blockchain and will have the confidence required to enter a new era where blockchain might become an integral part of many initiatives and new business models.

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