Box Sets Publishing Success

Box Sets Publishing Success

Free Courses : Box Sets Publishing Success

It's great to haveyou in this course. I will be guiding all throughout this course on how toproperly create, format, launch and market your box sets.

So you already havea series of books or books on the same "niche". Why don't we make useof it, right? We will cover how we can re-purpose your existing books, even the"non-performing" ones then will make them alive again and earn somedecent royalties out of them.

Maximize your gain,re-purpose your contents!

  • We'll learn the proper way of creating and formatting a box sets. I will go in details and share my screen how I create these box sets. I will use a live sample so it's easier for you to follow
  • We'll also cover how you can create titles and even covers
  • Most of all, we'll talk how you can triple your income by using series of books and even the ones that haven't performed well.

Fun and Easy toFollow Instructions.

  • We'll start with the basics - why we need to create box sets, how they are being delivered to your readers.
  • Well, we'll talk the difference between fiction and non-fiction and how you can create box sets for both genre.
  • I will walk you through on how I research for niches, titles and categories
  • Then, I will walk you through on outsourcing your contents (if you're not a writer) - manuscript and cover.
  • The last part will be more on promotions and marketing. Which is very crucial to get money on the table.
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