Building Sitefinity Web Forms Widgets

Building Sitefinity Web Forms Widgets

Free Courses : Building Sitefinity Web Forms Widgets

In this short free course, you will be introduced to the creation of Web Form based Widgets in Sitefinity using Visual Studio.

  • You will learn the following:

  • Creating a Sitefinity application using the Project Manager

  • Loading the project in Visual Studio and getting it ready to run in IIS Express

  • Creating your first Web Form based widget using Web User Control (.ascx)

  • Installing and using Sitefinity Thunder in Visual Studio

  • Creating a Widget using Sitefinity Thunder

  • Creating a Widget Designer using Thunder and associated with an existing Widget

  • Creating a Widget Designer with Page, Image, Video and Document selectors.

This course will not get into MVC development, that topic will be covered in another course.

This course is to help current developers still using or maintaining  the Web Form technology in their Sitefinity Web Applications.

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