Building Spring Boot REST API

Building Spring Boot REST API

Free Courses : Building Spring Boot REST API

In this course, we will build a simple Spring Boot REST API.

We will use the below technology stack to build a simple Spring Boot REST API.

  • Spring Boot

  • Spring Boot Starter Web

  • Spring Boot Starter Data JPA

  • Spring Boot Actuator

  • H2 Database

  • Springfox Swagger 2

  • Java 11

Course Objectives

  • Understanding Spring Boot - When was Spring Boot created and What is it?

  • Benefits of using Spring Boot - Why to use Spring Boot?

  • Very Important Features of Spring Boot

  • SpringBootApplication Annotation - What are the benefits of using @SpringBootApplication.

  • Auto Configuration - What is Auto Configuration and How we can enable it ? How to create Custom Auto Configuration ?

  • Spring Boot Starters - What are the benefits of using Starters? How to add these starters in the Application?

  • Embedded Servers - Know about different Embedded Servers and how to override the default port and also change the Server.

  • Spring Boot Actuator - What is the use of Spring Boot Actuator? What are the different actuator endpoints ?

  • What is REST? Understand the actual meaning of REST(Representation State Transfer)

  • REST Principles - Understand various REST Principles in Depth

  • REST Verbs and Idempotent Verbs

  • Designing resource URIs in REST API

  • Build a Simple Spring Boot REST API

  • Explore H2 Console

  • Explore Actuator Endpoints

  • Use Swagger UI to hit all the exposed endpoints of the REST API and test different scenarios.

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