Business Analysis and Solution Evaluation (IIBA - ECBA)

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Business Analysis and Solution Evaluation (IIBA - ECBA)

Free Courses : Business Analysis and Solution Evaluation (IIBA - ECBA)

The Business Analysis and Solution Evaluation course is part of the Business Analysis Certification Program and is aligned with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Guide (BABOK3).

In this course, we will look at all the tasks that make up the final knowledge area Solution Evaluation.

It involves measuring and analysing solution performance as well as identifying limitations within the solution and the enterprise that may be keeping the solution from reaching its full value potential.

The final task is to recommend actions to remove the limitations and thereby increase the value of the solution.

Solution Evaluation

1. Overview of Solution Evaluation
2. Solution Evaluation and the BACCM TM
3. Exercise: Understanding Solution Evaluation

Measure and Analyze Solution Performance

1. Measure Solution Performance: Inputs and Elements
2. Measure Solution Performance: Guidelines and Techniques
3. Analyze Performance Measures: Inputs and Elements
4. Analyze Performance Measures: Stakeholders
5. Exercise: Assessing Solution Performance

Assess Solution and Enterprise Limitations

1. Solution Limitations: Elements and Guidelines
2. Solution Limitations: Techniques and Stakeholders
3. Enterprise Limitations: Inputs and Elements
4. Enterprise Limitations: Techniques and Stakeholders
5. Exercise: Assessing Limitations

Increasing Solution Value

1. Recommend Actions: Elements
2. Recommend Actions: Guidelines and Techniques
3. Exercise: Increasing Solution Value

You can use this course to improve your business analysis knowledge and abilities and to obtain the certifications provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis. Thats it! Now go ahead and push that Take this course button and see you on the inside!

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