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Chat Box Best Practices

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Curious to learn how you can increase sales conversions through a chat box, you are in the right place! Whether you are a business owner, or sales specialist looking to upskill in this new virtual sales channel, this course will showcase 10 of the top strategies to driving up conversions and sales through a chat box.   

This course goes over all the tips and tricks to successfully implement and execute a chat box on a website. Anyone can add a chat box as an offering, but it's usually done out of necessity rather than with a strategy that will generate sales.

While in this course, there are a few things to keep in mind. How many times have you gone to a website, they offer a chat box and no one is there to assist you, or the person you are chatting with sounds and feels like a bot or is a bot? This is the current status quo in chat box communications until now.

Typing with a customer is going to be a different experience than speaking in-person. The language you use in person is easier because the customer already knows the value you bring, but this has to be earned online.

Communicating with customers online needs to be a luxury level experience, and how you present the chat box to your customers, how easy it is to connect with someone needs to be top tier.

Maintaining your company's policies is essential, the biggest mistake companies make is making their online experience different and in most cases unfortunately worse than the in person experience.

Think about each conversation as an opportunity to build long term relationships. Currently, the online experience has a transactional feel to it, and it's because it's typically an anonymous shopping experience. By changing your mindset to build long term relationships will positively impact your strategy.

Interested to learn more, jump into this course now!

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