Cinematic VR Crash Course - Produce Virtual Reality Films

Learn How to Produce 360� (3D) Video Content Like the Pros and Become a Virtual Reality Expert

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Cinematic VR Crash Course - Produce Virtual Reality Films

Free Courses : Cinematic VR Crash Course - Produce Virtual Reality Films

[VR is] the next major computing platform that will come after mobile." -- Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook


Are you a filmmaker who wants to learn the secrets of producing immersive video content for virtual reality headsets? Then read on..

People interested in cinematic VR drown in the waterfall of tech news, become demotivated by the utter lack of clear information, and get lost in the jungle of obscure internet fora in search of much needed tips and tricks. This is why many simply give up..

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of problems you need to solve before you can finally start shooting some content? Do you ever feel lost in the technological jargon? Then this course is for you!

The Cinematic VR Crash Course teaches you everything you need to know to start shooting your own mind-bending cinematic VR experiences. From selecting a 360 camera rig and scripting, to the actual shoot and distribution of your content, this course covers it all in 10 high-quality, to-the-point video lectures.

Besides video lectures, this course includes example footage to get a feel for the material, a glossary to explain key terminology, and a list of resources to help you acquire all the gear you need to get started.

Concepts are introduced gradually, so that even a beginner will be able to follow along and become a virtual reality expert in no-time!

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

? Understand all aspects of cinematic VR

? Film and produce your own cinematic VR experiences

? Take on paid assignments with confidence, because you'll know how to deliver

? Record and mix ambisonic audio

? Select the 360 camera rig that fits you best

? Discover the limitations and possibilities of this exciting new medium

? Get our 360 file management software for free

? Gain knowledge that few possess

? Become one of the Virtual Reality pioneers

? Plus much more!

So do you want to discover how to produce VR video content like the pros? Then click "Take This Course" to start your Virtual Reality journey today!

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