Complete Agile Project Management & Delivery in Just 1 Hour

Master Agile principles and Learn about the key the most important concepts and tools of Project Management Easily

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Complete Agile Project Management & Delivery in Just 1 Hour

Free Courses : Complete Agile Project Management & Delivery in Just 1 Hour

Think of this course as Agile for Dummies (or Agile for anyone and Agile for everyone). This agile course Udemy will allow you to Master the most important concepts and tools of Agile Development, Agile Project Delivery & Agile Project Management.


[EXCLUSIVE] Double Degree, Badges and Community. Upon completing this course you will receive 2 Certificates of Completion, an Agile Certified Digital Badge you can add to your CV, LinkedIn Profile or any other online profile & access to the most dynamic Agile Community in the world.

[PERKS] Course enrollment includes activities, handouts, quizzes, 1-on-1 expert support, LIFETIME access, free course updates and a lot more!

What will you learn?

  • The key concepts and tools of Agile Development, Agile Project Delivery and Agile Project Management.

  • The meaning of user stories, daily stand-ups, retrospectives and kanban boards.

  • How to apply Agile in your job and projects.

  • The difference between Agile and traditional project delivery.

  • The benefits and advantages of Agile.

  • Why Agile is the preferred development methodology in the modern world.

  • About the history of Agile.

  • Why Agile isn't only for Developers.

  • Why Agile isn't only for IT projects.

  • How to use Agile to deliver quickly and often.

  • How to use Agile to learn from your mistakes.

Here is what you will receive with your enrollment:

  • High-quality video lectures that explain the different terms and concepts with real world examples and applications.

  • Downloadable handouts which you can use as a reference, study guide, cheat sheet and the go-to resource on the job.

  • Quizzes and activities that help you validate what you learned and put it into practice to increase your information retention.

  • 1-on-1 expert Instructor support to answer your questions or clear up any confusion you might have.

  • Lifetime access with no expiration so you can complete the course at your own pace, anywhere, on any device and come back for a refresher at any time.

  • Free course updates, so you can continue to benefit from enhancements made to this course.


Why take this course?

  • You will become Agile certified (you will receive a certificate upon completion).

  • You will get a ton of awesome Freebies, templates, real world examples and other resources to further your education, knowledge and experience.

  • I will share with you the Best Free Tool to Manage your Agile Projects.

  • You will be prepared to apply Agile to your projects.

  • You will be able to speak about Agile with confidence.

  • You will understand the difference between Agile and other methodologies.

  • You will learn from an Agile Master and Agile expert who applies Agile on a daily basis.

  • You will learn why Agile isn't only for IT or Tech projects, but it's actually applied across many industries worldwide.

  • It's short, effective and practical. Think of this course as agile in a nutshell.

  • It's been developed from the ground up with a focus on quality.

  • You will get tools and tips that you will love.

  • It's value for money. You will spend a small amount but gain a lot of knowledge.

  • You have nothing to lose, give yourself the opportunity to learn something new and powerful.

  • You will get the inside scoop on all my future courses.

  • You will get an Agile Project Management Certification when you complete the course.

If you already made up your mind about taking this course just click on the "Buy Now" button at the top, right-hand side. If not, keep reading about this agile course Udemy.

This course is not suitable for:

  • People that prefer quantity to quality.

  • People that like lengthy and theoretical explanations.

  • People who aren't prepared to go through the entire course and take notes.

  • People who expect things to work out without any effort or preparation.

  • People who already have a lot of experience with Agile and are more intermediate to advanced.

  • People who want to learn about less popular Agile methodologies such as Extreme Programming (XP).


The Facts

  1. You will learn Agile! If you don't ask for a refund within 30 days.

  2. Agile is currently the preferred delivery option in technology projects and environments across the world. Yet Agile is not only for IT!

  3. Agile will allow you to deliver projects, products and apps quickly and often.

  4. Agile is the buzz word and a global trend. More and more people want to learn Agile every day in the world.

  5. Agile is not perfect, and it won't solve all your problems. But it will give you a different view and approach to managing them.

  6. Agile is not suitable for all projects, but it is for many.

  7. Knowing about Agile will allow you to land more jobs, and this agile course in Udemy will help you prepare.

  8. You will enjoy this agile Udemy course, guaranteed.

__________If you think this course is for you, then go ahead and click Buy Now" and we'll be in touch soon.

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