Complete ROS Start Guide - Windows/Mac/Linux - C++/Python

These Tutorials on Robot Operating System will get you up and running fast!

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Complete ROS Start Guide - Windows/Mac/Linux - C++/Python

Free Courses : Complete ROS Start Guide - Windows/Mac/Linux - C++/Python

Robot Operating System (ROS) is an essential tool for any roboticist to know. Whether you are building a robot for a side project or building out your skills to upgrade your career, this course will get you competent with ROS fast!

For the last 2-3 years I've used ROS every single day so I'm very familiar for what ROS knowledge is important and what can be skipped. ROS is very large, and as a beginner there are so many things ROS offers it can be tough to know what to focus on. Trying to learn everything right away can make the learning feel daunting. In this course I cover all the essential fundamentals to get you started with ROS.

In this course I'll live code everything from scratch. This way you can see every detail and you won't miss out on what is typically skipped in these types of tutorials. I also provide a pre-configured Virtual Machine that will allow you to run ROS on your computer whether you are using Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Few of the topics covered in this course are:

  • Creating your First Node

  • ROS Publisher

  • ROS Subscriber

  • Basic ROS Commands

  • Creating custom ROS Messages

  • ROS compatible Unit Tests

  • How to use ROS Bags

  • ROS Launch files

  • Proper ROS Logging

  • ROS Services / Clients

  • Importing Functionality from other ROS Packages

What are you waiting for? Jump in now and learning! If you are trying to upgrade your Robotics skills, this course is essential to your journey!

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