Complete Youth Job Readiness Training

How to obtain and maintain gainful employment

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Complete Youth Job Readiness Training

Free Courses : Complete Youth Job Readiness Training

What is the bottom line for most adults? Theobjective should be to find and maintain gainful employment. This course willprovide theemployability skills to obtain and retain employment.Themost difficult population to obtain employment is youth ages 16 - 24 as well asindividuals who have been out of the workforce for along period of time.This course is designed for those new to the workforce or those returning to theworkforce.

Students will have thetools necessary to develop anaggressive job search, produce an impressive employment package which willinclude a cover letter, resume, list of references and more. Students will alsolearn valuable interview techniques including phone interviews and effectivefollow up practices. The last section of the course will help students developoutstanding professionalism and employability skills that will make themdependable and valued employees.

Taking this course will help Job seekersidentify some of the typical employment barriers and effective ways to overcomethem. By using detailed class instruction by way oflectures, videos, graphic presentations, quizzesand interactiveactivities, this course is both engaging and informative. Students will leave this course withsome valuablesoft skills that they will be able toapply immediately and will be able to use throughout their working careers.

The course will alsoinclude downloadable documents and templates as well as correspondences fromthe instructor. This relatively short course can be completed within8 hoursand willculminate with an employment development certification that will be signed by the instructor forstudents who have successfully completed.

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