Content Ideation and Marketing Funnels

Content Ideation and Marketing Funnels

Free Courses : Content Ideation and Marketing Funnels

Today you have a problem of selling your product or service if you do not have an audience. Having an audience is not enough. You need to have an engaging audience. You need to have a targeted audience from your niche market. If these conditions are fulfilled, then you have a fair chance to succeed in your marketing initiatives.

Audience dictates the terms of marketing. No wonder, today customer is the king of a market. And marketers need highquality content to appease him.

Considering that the very basic requirement for achieving success in marketing is having an engaging audience, the least required for this to happen is a fair amount of communication between you and your audience. You need high quality content to achieve this. Today, creating high quality content capable of engaging an audience is a big challenge.

I have made this course considering the two most important factors of marketing.

1. Need to find or create high quality content

2. Have a smooth process to sell your products or services.

The two sections of this course address these two aspects of marketing -

First Section

The first part of this course covers aspects of content creation. Need for creating killer content is a must. This course will give you scores of ideas to find killer ideas for content creation.

Second Section

The second part of this course is about building the process of a marketing funnel using intelligently crafted content. This helps a great deal to sell more products or service to your audience. The different phases of a marketing funnel is explained along with types of content sets required to optimize its functioning. This is an important process which every content marketer should know.

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