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CorelDRAW Essentials - Mastering Graphics Suite

Free Courses : CorelDRAW Essentials - Mastering Graphics Suite

CorelDRAW is an advanced computer graphic editing software that includes various types of alteration and transformation of images and pages capabilities. The CorelDRAW program is part of the package of Corel Graphics Suite designed by Corel Corporation, which has several versions from the most basic to the most advanced and latest.

This software is used in fields of graphic arts and communication in order to produce, edit, and transform images to digital level. It is a vector drawing application, layout tools, effects and functions about images and pages and retouching and editing multiple alternatives.

It is often used to generate images and graphics from scratch, but also allows you to edit photographs, drawings and other graphics to correct imperfections or defects or even to provide different effects of chroma, brightness, contrast, tonal curve, special effects, transparency, blends and fades and others.

Between its versions, the software includes CorelDRAW 9, 10, 12, Graphics Suite X 3 and X 4. It is part of a package of programs, which includes the editor of bitmap or bitmap Photo-Paint, Corel POWERTrace Vectorizer, the Bitstream, and other applications such as CorelMOTION or CorelDREAM 3D. On the other hand, the package includes fonts, photos, brushes, clip art and other complementary aggregates.

In addition to being one of the most popular programs, CorelDRAW is also recognized as one of the most sophisticated software in image editing.

Its most recognized characteristics on the market, include the versatility that has to use it on different tasks and operations of graphic design, advertising, press, web design, architecture, industrial and textile design, billboards and others, the compatibility with files of different formats of vector graphics, bitmaps and others, and with similar programs and usability in terms of ways to personalize it to taste and choice of each user.

CorelDraw is the tool preferred by graphic designers to develop an idea for convening the massage because of its easy and powerful interface and how the tools work.

How to trace an image and create a logo design with different tools professionally.

This software has a flexible toolkit to create any graphic design or illustration.

Work with the most powerful software Corel Draw and you can easily produce promotional material for digital media or print media.

Welcome to CorelDraw Quick Start where you will learn to use Corel Draw by creating actual projects. No long periods of going through tools and menus item by item. In this course, well jump right in and start creating and learning. By the end of this course you will be comfortable using CorelDraw. You will have created different styles of logos, used a logo to create a business card and created a mock-up of a logo in use.

We designed this course for people like me who dont learn well when they are overloaded with information but find it easy to learn when they are doing and having fun.

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