Craft stunning UI UX design as a digital product designer

Learn product design from scratch: UX process, Interaction design, User research, Mobile app UI design on Figma & more!

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Craft stunning UI UX design as a digital product designer

Free Courses : Craft stunning UI UX design as a digital product designer

Are you someone looking to venture into the field of UX design? Are you an absolute beginner in digital product design? Are you a junior designer struggling to create UI that looks aesthetically pleasing? Are you a designer who wants to get better at creating designs that not just look good but work well for users & businesses?

Look no further... Let me introduce you to the most practical UI UX design course for beginners ever!

I crafted this digital product design course to teach you the skills and best practices needed to succeed in the always-changing field of user experience design. Go beyond just learning Figmas or Adobe XDs; tools are easy to learn and there's ample documentation out there. But the important question to ask for yourself - Are you able to design great user experiences? Come learn how to make things people love to use! I'll show you the basics of designing user-friendly stuff. We'll explore understanding how people use things and making them work really well and look really beautiful. Let's create things that put a smile on users' faces!

We'll start the course as if you have joined a young company as a UX designer!

  • We shall then understand what the company does, and note down it's business objectives

  • I'll help you learn how to conduct research on it's target users

  • We shall start creating user flows for one of the core journeys of the product

  • We will also design a couple of key screens that are both functional and beautiful

  • We will also understand how to measure the impact of UX design - this is something not a lot of courses teach but super important to learn

  • We will also iterate on our designs at various stages such as wireframing, copy writing etc. based on feedback

  • Lastly, we shall brainstorm ideas on taking the product to the next level (by improving conversions, handling scale etc.)

  • Not just that, at the end of the course, I'll guide you through a framework and give you a Figma template for acing UX interview case study rounds.

No boring lectures here, folks! I've got real-world examples and case studies that'll make your learning experience as fun as binge-watching your favorite Netflix series (okay, almost as fun).

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