Crash Course: Project Management Fundamentals [Earn 6 PDUs]

Crash Course: Project Management Fundamentals [Earn 6 PDUs]

Free Courses : Crash Course: Project Management Fundamentals [Earn 6 PDUs]

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Looking to get into one of the fastest growing professions in the modern world or just to brush up on your fundamental knowledge? Either way, this course is for you.

Project management is growing at an immense rate, that despite the job market uncertainties brought about by the 4th industrial revolution. The Project Management Institute (PMI), probably the most recognized authority on project management worldwide, estimates that job growth in the project management industry will be a staggering 33% or 22 million jobs by 2027. If you are still researching your future career path, stop here, project management education is certain to secure you with a good future career packed with growth opportunities and top it all off it is one of the highest earning jobs out there.

In addition to the above, project management is also one of the very few career paths that does not require you to have expensive tertiary education as a ticket to entry.  In our opinion this is probably one of the most attractive aspects of a project management career. Armed with an unwavering desire to learn, the knowledge provided in this course, and the belief that you can learn about this remarkable industry through several online mediums (including our other course offerings) at a much lower price than a degree you can work your way into an extremely fulfilling career.  You can even obtain Project Management Certification without having to first study towards a formal degree.

The course is an excellent and thorough introduction to project management. It also caters for seasoned project managers looking to brush up on the basics, and in the process earn some PDUs towards their PMP renewal.

This course will cover essential definitions and concepts that will help improve your personal project management methodology, and it will brush you up on project management lingo. We will also be looking at the importance of a phased approach towards project planning. The course provides some insight into the various common organizational structures and how these structures influence your role and authority as a project manager in an organization. The final sections of the course provides a thorough process overview of the five project management process groups as set out in the Project Management Body of Knowledge. In these final lectures we also look at some practical advice for improving effective execution of these processes and your efficiency as a project manager.

The course design caters mainly for those who wish to lay the foundations for a career in project management and it will be instrumental to their personal and professional growth. However, the course is structured to add value even to seasoned project managers.

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