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Data visualization with Matplotlib

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Data Visualization Guide

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Welcome to this Data Visualization course for all. This course will teach you hands-on practice on generating visualizations in python and also intuitively use Google Data Studio services to analyze, create and visualize data from Google spreadsheet, covid 19 dataset, YouTube channel data sets and so much more. The interesting thing is that no coding skill is required for Google data visualization. All you need is to your google account, connect or upload your data from the connected google services and external services provided embedded in the website. This is a very useful tool for marketers, business analysts, and data analysts to help people generate reports on their data without having to learn to program or pay exorbitant hiring fees from expert services. The reports generated are very interactive, responsive, and can update in real-time. Google data studio helps you to add formulas and parameters and other inputs to help you customize your search, analysis, and report generation. Just drag and drop some controls to make your dashboard even more interactive for your customers. There are lots of Bar charts, Line charts, Pie charts, Geo Charts, Google maps, Time series, scatter charts, treemaps, gauges, and scorecards. After taking this course, you should be able to create your own interactive dashboards and generate insights from various data sources.

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