Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

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Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

Free Courses : Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

Welcome to this course on Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI. Here you will learn various concepts related to Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Storytelling and finding Data Insights on a Dataset. You can use a variety of data sources for creating visualization charts and dashboard such as Excel, csv, pdf, live web data, database, cloud services and much more. Power BI is one of the leading Business Intelligence software available and has an ever increasing adoption across the world in various industries. It could be used by the organizations that have some or humungous amount of data points that can be used to analyze trends, outliers, hidden factors, point of actions, key performance indicators, point of concern and much more. In simple terms, Power BI could be used by Data Scientists, Analysts and Storytellers to find critical insights for taking important business decisions. There could be various other use cases where Power BI can be used to solve problems and applied to simplify things.

In this course, you will be learning to create and customize various kinds of Visualization charts using various columns or fields in a dataset-

  • Ring or Donut Chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Line Chart

  • Treemap Chart

  • Gauge Chart

  • Table and Matrix

  • Ribbon Chart

  • Scatterplot Chart

Moreover you will also learn some of the advanced functionalities that can be used to precisely customize these charts to form a powerful report-

  • Drill Down

  • Include and Exclude

  • Custom Measure or Calculated Field

  • Query Editor

  • Using live web data

  • Category Slicer

  • Date Slicer

  • Exporting a Report as PDF

  • View data subset and export as CSV

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