Definitions of Terms in Horse Training - GLOSSARY

Pre-requisite for all riders and horse trainers and a specific Pre-requisite for RLC Course 2020 (to be published 2020)

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Definitions of Terms in Horse Training - GLOSSARY

Free Courses : Definitions of Terms in Horse Training - GLOSSARY

This is Horse Training Definitions & Terms in English; it's a pre-requisite for ALL serious horse-training.   And, its a specific pre-requisite (that shall be tested) for the RLC 2020 Course!  . We must be able to verbally conduct the training efficiently in the arena.   That is the purpose of this class: it simply defines the list of Training Terms that must be understood, and agreed upon BEFORE proceeding.   We use a tested and certain Bibliography of training texts.

You yourself could compile and write out this list by reading, studying, dissecting, and re-collating the entire horse-training Bibliography along with the FEI Rulebook, Articles, and Tests.  But doing this would be a redundant, time-consuming, pain-in-the....hindquarters. So, its been done for you. :)

The Definitions Glossary List is here for you in three different formats:

1.  It is here in a .pdf. You can print it out for your own reference and study.

2.  The Definitions list is also available as a power-point-presentation. You may prefer THIS format and it is also useful to print.   You can also present the Power-point format as a slide-show discussion to your own students, riding school, or group.

3.  AND! The Definitions List Glossary is also here read aloud (by me) and presented in a video format. In the video, I simply read the definitions of terms out loud. I recommend following along with your printed version and adding your own notes.

Knowing these terms by heart is crucial for any rider and trainer.  The list is something we can keep and learn from for a lifetime!   Knowing these terms with certainty increases a rider's discernment in the horseworld at large.

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