Develop Discord Bots in Python - Ultimate Course

Learn how to create practical and useful Discord Bots for everyday usage

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Develop Discord Bots in Python - Ultimate Course

Free Courses : Develop Discord Bots in Python - Ultimate Course

In this Course, you will learn how to make useful, practical discord bots for your everyday usage.

What's inside this Course?

  • Firstly, you're going to learn the syntax of Events and Commands, which are the basics of discord .py

  • After that, we're going to dive further into more Advanced topics that deepen your understanding of this library, like Tasks, Cogs and Checks

  • Then, we're going to make 3 useful discord bots:

    • Music Bot

    • Battleships Bot

    • Poll Bot

    These are all bots that that you can use in your everyday discord-life

Why this Course? Why choose me as your tutor?

  • Because I have 7 Years of Experience coding in Python

  • Because I know how to break down complex matters and explain them in a straightforward and simple way due to my experience teaching various STEM-subjects to students

  • Because you will create several projects throughout the Course that will teach you step by step how to code a discord bot

  • Because I grew up speaking English and even though I am not a native speaker, I can confidently say that you will have no problem understanding me because I speak in a fluent, loud and clear way

  • Because I can offer you assistance whenever you have any trouble or questions regarding my Course

  • Because this Course teaches you everything there is to learn about the discord .py library - after the Course, you can make any discord bot you want!

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