Digital Forensics - Quick Start Tutorial with Autopsy

Quick start guide for using Autopsy Digital Forensics software.

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Digital Forensics  - Quick Start Tutorial with Autopsy

Free Courses : Digital Forensics - Quick Start Tutorial with Autopsy

Autopsy is an open source digital forensics platform used by law enforcement, military, business and academic clients. Autopsy is a feature rich platform that allows for multiple add-ons for each specific industry. Autopsy comes equipped with the capability to allow the examiner to easily investigate computer hardware and mobile devices. Features include email analysis, meta data extraction, robust file system analysis, timeline analysis and registry analysis.


Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing fields of study within the computer science industry with expected job growth of 33% over the next 10 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, job postings for cybersecurity roles have already drastically increased ahead of schedule pointing to the possibility that the industry may be growing faster than anyone anticipated. Digital forensics is an aspect of cybersecurity that involves the acquisition, recover and analysis of data found on information systems. Digital forensics is commonly used by law enforcement, government and businesses throughout the world. Whether the goal is to catch criminals or uncover vulnerabilities in an information system, digital forensics is an important field of study that can be viewed as one of the foundational skills of cybersecurity.

By learning digital forensics you will gain a deep understanding of many foundational elements of cybersecurity. This includes understanding file systems, operating systems, cryptography, types of cyber attacks, threat analysis, data visualization, analytic methodologies, forensic toolkits and much more. Learning digital forensics allows you to approach cybersecurity from the ground up, giving you a much better understanding of how things work behind the scenes. This will become an invaluable skill and knowledge base that you will carry with you throughout your career.

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