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DWH | Linux | NoSQL | MongoDB - Job Interview Preparation

Free Courses : DWH | Linux | NoSQL | MongoDB - Job Interview Preparation

Looking for an perfect job interview preparation? Searching in the web brings you only partial information? Congrats! You found what you are looking for!

Do you have a job interview related to Data Warehouse, Linux, NoSQL or MongoDB? If you can answer this question with a yes, you are in the absolute perfect place.

This course provides you 4 different job interview preparation. As we have deep insides in different industries, we know exactly what matters contentwise.

We made some surveys to find out what fields are connected to each other and on top of that we found out which topics are important.

It is clear to everyone, that job interviews differ based on your experience. If you are a Senior Software Developer you know exactly what matters. The practice tests in this course brings you up to date in the different topics covered in this course. Our focus is on the knowledge. The tests inlcudes questions from beginner level up to advanced level. We do not cover behavioral or pychological topics, we boost your know-how, not your behaviour in this course, as every job interview will be helt in a different way. But the content will be almost the same per knowledge area.

As you now know what you can expect, lets go a bit deeper in the content of this course. The following big topics will challenge you:

  • Data Warehouse

  • Linux

  • NoSQL

  • MongoDB

This is a bundle of related topics. The chances are very high that you will work more than one of this subject areas at once. As a Datawarehouse Developer you should know how to work with these topics.

There are 4 practice tests, one for each topic mentioned above. Each practice test is structured in the same way:

  • First you will get asked Interview questions which come up very often. The questions very in difficulty and contentwise.

  • The second part consists of Multiple Choice questions which are designed to boost you knowledge even more.

  • Each test includes 50 Interview questions and 50 Multiple Choice questions.

The amount of questions are the start of this course, we will continously improve and enhance the practice tests.

After you finished this course and its practice tests, you will be sure in knowledge and this will give you a boost in confidence. The most important step to land a job is being prepared for your interviews. By doing some preparation you'll feel more in control, and will appear cool, calm and confident. You will be able to fully concentrate on your behaviour be aware to talk slow and clear, keep an eye on your body language and your facial expressions. With our course as preparation you can trust in you , as we trust in you of course!

To pass a test you need a passing score of 90% - which means you need to tick all boxes in the first part of the test and answer about 75% of the multiple Choice questions correct.

In a mixed test

  • you will get asked Interview questions, the questions very in difficulty and contentwise.

  • the second part consists of Multiple Choice questions which are designed to boost you knowledge even more.

It is completely up to you which tests you go for as preparation for your job interview. The tests can be done independently from each other, which is really nice!

We wish you a lot of gains in your knowledge and very much success in your next job interview!

Please be aware that we are working on this course on an ongoing basis. We always want to deliver highest quality to you and we try our best to do so. If you find any issue let us know and we will correct it immediatelly :)

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