E-commerce and Amazon Crash Course

E-commerce and Amazon Crash Course

Free Courses : E-commerce and Amazon Crash Course

Welcome to E-commerce and Amazon Crash Course.

This course is designed to provide you understanding for Basic concepts of E-commerce. Also it is designed to provide you the road map to start your Online business at Amazon.

  • You will have the Understanding of ecommerce and its basic concepts.

  • I will explain you, what are different types of Ecommerce selling.

  • Drop shipping is one of the most famous type of online selling now a days. During the course, you will get the full understanding for main concept and mechanism of drop shipping.

  • You will learn different types of online Platforms that can be used for Ecommerce and online selling.

  • I will provide you detailed information about Amazon.

  • You will understand what are different types and models of selling at Amazon.

  • There are Multiple ways that are utilized by sellers in in order to fulfill their orders. I will provide you detailed understanding for al fulfillment types at Amazon.

  • In this course I will provide you complete step by step road map from your Amazon account till you starts selling your products at Amazon.

  • There are different cost components that are included in the initial budget for starting new business at Amazon. During the course we will go through all major cost components that should be considered and calculated before starting the business at Amazon.

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