Email Marketing 101

Learn the fundamentals of email and how to create successful campaigns

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Email Marketing 101

Free Courses : Email Marketing 101

Undeniably reliable and unshaken by the array of newer forms of digital media, Email Marketing is certainly a stalwart channel of online marketing.

This course helps marketers master the art of Email by learning the principles underpinning a sharp and strategic email strategy. It will draw learnings from a decades worth of marketing experience to teach you to think outside the box and beneath the surface of traditional email ideologies.

The course will cover:

  • Identifying your purpose and setting objectives

  • Selecting the right email type to hit your objective

  • Planning email successful campaigns

  • Measuring the performance of your campaigns

  • Optimizing performance through best practices and testing

  • Selecting the right email software

Enroll today and take your email program to the next level!

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