Excel Beginner to Pro: Functions, formulas, shortcuts & more

Build a strong foundation in Excel in 1 hour. Learn the most used functions, tips, tricks, formulas & keyboard shortcuts

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Excel Beginner to Pro: Functions, formulas, shortcuts & more

Free Courses : Excel Beginner to Pro: Functions, formulas, shortcuts & more

If your work requires working with numbers or large amounts of data, Microsoft Excel is your software.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful data management and data analysis tool.

This course enables students to start using Excel in an effective manner. It starts from the very basics and within a few minutes, you will be having a good command over basic excel functions and even some advanced and frequently used features.

About this course:

Designed to teach Microsoft Excel to absolute beginners, this course has been split into two levels.

Level 1 introduces Excel to you. You will learn about cells, rows, columns, formats, navigation, and excel shortcuts to manage them quickly and effectively.

Level 2 brings to super tips and tricks of managing data. You will learn to modify data quickly and effectively.


There is absolutely no prerequisite to start this course. Even 8 years old can take this course to learn Excel.

Who should take this course:

First-time learners, who have no idea about Excel and want to start the right way. This includes:

  1. Students

  2. Professionals, especially those who have to work with numbers.

  3. Daydreamers who wish to bring financial sense to their dreams.

  4. Anyone who wants to learn a better way to manage the numbers and calculations.

Software Requirement:

You should have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. Any version above Excel 2010 will be okay. I will be using Excel 2016 in this course. If you do not have Excel currently, please download Office 365 free trial from the Microsoft website. Just google Office 365 free trial and it will take you to the page.

Money-Back Guarantee: 

Nothing to lose! If you won't be satisfied with the course, Udemy offers 30 days money-back guarantee!

Introduction to the teacher:

Chartered Accountant | 12 years of work experience | 12 years of teaching experience as visiting faculty | 4000+ in-class students | 50,000+ udemy students | In love with Excel for 15 years

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