Facebook Ads Course. Learnings from 150M Profitable ad spend

Learn how to build & structure a profitable Facebook ad account.

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Facebook Ads Course. Learnings from 150M Profitable ad spend

Free Courses : Facebook Ads Course. Learnings from 150M Profitable ad spend

Want to learn the exact strategy for profitably scaling your business with Facebook ads? This class is for you!

Join growth marketer Jack Paxton for examples, guides, checklists, and instructions on how to set up your Facebook ad account, then how to scale it using prospecting and re-marketing correctly while setting up campaigns optimized to leverage top or bottom of the funnel messaging.

We'll cover:

  • All the factors that go into creating a profitable Facebook ad account.

    • Top of the funnel

    • Bottom of the funnel

    • Copy

    • Creative

    • Targeting

    • Audience building

    • Account structure

This class is for anyone in a marketing role. No prior knowledge is needed, but a basic understanding of Facebook ads will help.

Why you should join:

  1. Learn how to scale your business with Facebook ads

  2. How to create converting ads

  3. How to create a long term marketing funnel on Facebook

Presented by Jack Paxton. The founder of Top Growth Marketing, HYAX and VYPER.

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