File Encryption Basics and Practices with CrococryptFile

Learn how to use CrococryptFile, learn what file encryption means on the technical level.

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File Encryption Basics and Practices with CrococryptFile

Free Courses : File Encryption Basics and Practices with CrococryptFile

In this course, youwill learn how to use CrococryptFile, the open-source file encryptionsolution. Learn what encryption means on the technical level as abackground information to choose the right file encryption method foryour case. If you care about privacy and if you are willing to dosomething about it, you are already on the right track. This appliesfor enterprise and private users alike.

First, you will get anintroduction on encryption in general to understand thecharacteristics of the different existing technologies. Then, we willgo through the application family step-by-step: Windows, Linux,Web-based and Command-line interface.

IT background would bea plus but is not required to take this course.

THISISAFOREVERFREECOURSE to support the open-source encryption solution CrococryptFile!

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